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Traveling with Your Horse

By June 11, 2018 No Comments

As you prepare to head out to enjoy your horses at the local horse shows, trail-rides, or rodeos, please keep in mind that traveling with your horse comes with several regulations and safety concerns. Don’t forget to have your horse tested for Equine Infectious Anemia. This annual blood test (Coggin’s test) must be drawn by a veterinarian and can take 7-10 days (longer during spring months) to receive results. It is required for sale, transport out of state or to attend any advertised/organized events. Minimum required time is 2-3 days and additional fees apply in order to expedite the testing and results.

If you will be crossing state lines, you must have a signed certificate of veterinary inspection, or health paper. These are required for all interstate travel and some advertized/organized events. Each horse traveling with you must be examined and listed on the certificate; along with the destination address and a current negative Coggin’s test are required. Coggin’s test and health certificate requirements vary by state therefore advanced notice of travel is advised. Horses MUST be examined within 10 days prior to a health certificate being written. Health certificates are good for 30 days from the time of issuance. It is also required by the states to have a separate certificate for each state destination. Failure to comply with these state laws can result in fines as high as $1000.

Another important consideration for your horse traveling is the safety of your trailer. Make sure to have your trailer professionally inspected. Ensure all electrical components are working properly. Test the brakes and emergency backup braking system. It is also very important to inspect your tires and make sure they are properly inflated. Poor trailer maintenance is one of the leading causes oflivestock trailer accidents on the road. Also make sure the towing vehicle is appropriate for the load you are trying to haul. For more information about roadside safety with your horse trailer check out www.usrider.org